Sunday, January 31, 2010

Castevet - Stones/Salts

Artist: Castevet

Title: Stones/Salts

Format: 7"

Color: Clear

Pressing History: 300 (1st press)

Label: Paragon Records

Review: There have been so many amazing black metal influenced bands coming out of New York lately such as Unearthly Trance, Tombs and Krallice. Add the simply jaw dropping Castevet to that fine group of bands. On their first official release, Castevet (featuring ex-Anodyne bassist J. Scott) offer two tracks on a clear colored 7". The first track, Stones, is dissonant and claustrophobic; blackened yet not quite black metal. The band is informed by both metallic hardcore and black metal. Their sound is busy and unrelenting. The hooks come but they don't last long which works wells since it makes the tracks fluid. The rhythm section is amazing but the only complaint I have would be the vocals which lack dynamics. Salts continues the blackened assault with a triumphant and melodic piece towards the end of the track. These guys are for real; they know what they are going for and they've achieved it. The packaging is minimalist (one page insert) but effective. At a mere 300 copies pressed, this release is highly limited and the clear vinyl just sweetens the deal. As for artwork, it's simple but fitting and it's my interpretation that the images match the song titles: the front image is of an icy and twisted wind swept plane (salts) and the back is an image of a gloomy rock face (stones). A fine release overall by yet another standout act from NYC. Music : 2 stars; Package: 2 stars. Overall: 4 out of 4 stars.

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