Thursday, March 17, 2011

Graf Orlock - Doombox EP

     Gor-lock returns with another round of 'cinema grind'.  This time the movie theme is the late 1980's and early 1990's, which is a great choice when you think about it.  Race was a volatile issue back then, with situations such as the Tawana Brawley case, the Bensonhurst NY riots, the OJ Simpson case, and the Rodney King verdict  and subsequent riots in LA.  The movie samples chosen capture the time period well and invoke their nasty anger and hatred.  So we have an awesome theme once again, and to further amplify the nostalgia effect the good men of Graf have packaged the doombox ep in the most ridiculous vinyl packaging ever (no joke).  The 10" and discography cd(!) comes housed in a fold out cardboard 1980's era ghetto blaster (see picture above)!  Even the liner notes are written in an 80's style electronic equipment instruction manual.  The Torche vinyl from Robotic Empire has always been the most impressive vinyl packaging that I've seen, but this might take the cake. 

     So we have the theme and spirit of the age and totally over the top packaging, but what about the tunes?  It's the typical fare of their older albums, so don't expect anything new or innovative.  Their punky grind is produced extremely well which gives the ep a bludgeoning sound.  The highlight track for me is Watts 93 B4 Graduation, which is killer grind with some southern/sludge breakdown parts.  Overall, their attack rages, yet is still lacks staying power.  Like their previous releases, Graf Orlock write great parts, but not memorable songs.  For me, Graf once again will be remembered more for their embrace of cinema and excellent vinyl packaging, and less for their actual tunes.  Packaging: 2 stars; Music: 1 star; Overall: 3 of 4 stars. 

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