Saturday, February 25, 2012

All About Friends Forever Compilation

     All About Friends Forever represents everything that an underground metal/hardcore community should be about: DIY ethic, unity, spirit of independence, bands from all over the country coming together to contribute to a compilation album that provides a sampling of the scene today, and as it turns out, yesterday as well.  The original AAFF comp was released in 1996, and featured tracks by many legendary bands such as Coalesce, Threadbare, Botch and Trial.  Fast forward to 2012 and we will be treated to an updated version that will include two volumes: 1) the original LP remastered with two new bonus tracks; 2) an entirely new LP with tracks from current bands such as Great Falls, Tiger Flowers, Helms Alee, Ladder Devils and Torchbearer to name a few.  There is record release show in the works as well that's brought to you by the fine folks at 1000 Knives:

     There is also a facebook page devoted to this project if you want additional information and updates.  The Kickstarter page should provide more than enough info though.  There are many donation levels to choose from, ranging from the digital download for a mere $12 for 24 tracks, to $500 which includes the double LP, digital download, a t-shirt, original artwork by Rich Hall of 1000 Knives and more.  If you're a fan of forward thinking hardcore and/or nostalgic for that 1990's sound, do yourself a favor and support this comp.  I highly doubt that you'll be disappointed.

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